Anonymous asked: I regret not buying more from your booth at AX! Will you guys will be attending any more cons this year?

Aw Anon I appreciate you stopping by our table so much!! Unfortunately, we do not have plans to attend any other conventions this year. We will be selling at AX again next year, though!

Last week’s twitter sketches (and charms i made for ninthrevolver a month ago)!


Listen/purchase: In The Zone by Ken Ashcorp

A song about being whisked away to a magical place

this is incredible kenny

Anonymous asked: Will you ever make another boy love comic? You draw men too amazingly not to haha. And will we ever see Dakota again? He's my favorite oc ever. Perks of being a monster was awesome btw :)

OMGOSH ANONNNNN you are too sweet, thank you for taking the time to ask!! as for other comics/projects, I am working on another one with ninthrevolver which should be out in the near future!! hehe

I’m glad you really like Dakota too!! I haven’t drawn my favorite scarred brunette in a while, but i might again soon. AND AAAA IM SO HAPPY you liked Perks of being a monster too, its always wonderful to get feedback on projects both me and Dooks worked so hard to create. i hope you like our future projects too!! 


A lot of people have messaged me about the 30 Day Challenge list. I hadn’t realized the link on my old post was down, so I’m reposting it now, as well as letting you all know for the next 8 weeks I’ll be posting every Monday with animated illustrations. Hopefully I can brighten up your otherwise dry work week Monday!

UPDATE: Sorry I fixed the list. There was bunch of dummy text in there. It’s all good now



The Perks of Being a Monster [ BUY HERE ON GUMROAD ]

Siobhan and Sam’s vampire anthology. The digital PDF is $10, full color, and includes two comics and selected illustrations from both ninthrevolver and siobhanchiffon.

Hi everyone! We have added our book to [ Sellfy ] because Gumroad doesn’t take Paypal for those who want that payment option!

We also have one physical copy left for anyone who wants to buy it from us for $25 (shipping incl.)! Shoot us an email at ninth.revolver (at) :-)

If you wanted a digital copy but couldn’t pay with PayPal before, you can now!! v wv

phantommint asked: Hi! I recently saw that you and ninthrevolver made a comic book about ash and Sam (Who are super adorable!) but I was wondering since I'm making a comic book myself, how or what website did you use to make a bunch of copies of the book? It would really help me and I would appropriate it very very much!!

Aw, thank you!! 

As for where we got our comic printed, I figured I would make it public, and say that we got our books printed at RA Comics Direct! We’ve already decided to use them again on our next project! RA Comics were incredibly easy to work with (we emailed them instructions for full page spreads which turned out great), and the quality was worth the price, which, in comparison to others we researched, was pretty reasonable! Someone mentioned that their colors aren’t suitable for art books, but I’m going to completely disagree. The colors we printed in CMYK looked almost exactly as they did on the computer, and were pretty vibrant! The pages were sturdy too—we printed on 100lb silk cover/text. Also, if you live in California, they are based there, so I would recommend going the cheapest shipping option too, as they get things in to production and delivered quickly.

Hope this helps! And good luck on your comic book! v wv


No one asked what gets Sam off, but I drew it anyway. HERE IS A COMPILATION OF SHAMEFUL DRAWINGS I DID BASICALLY…


Anonymous asked: Ashley: what gets you off other than Sam?


ashley u lil shit

Anonymous asked: Ash, what is your dream first miss scenario with Sam? Sam, same question!!


(I’m gonna assume you meant to type kiss? If you really did mean miss, then I don’t really understand the question SORRY! ;~ ;!)