conpa asked: sam & ash with 2 !!


2) Kiss on the nose


Ashley’s nose gets red when it gets cold. ;_ ;


tigermooncakes asked: Sam and ash numba 1


1) Kiss on the forehead


Ashley likes sleeping at Sam’s because he has a smaller bed than his so they get to sleep closer together. ;w;

THEY ARE THE GROSSEST AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH UGH, DOOKS YA SO TALENTED!!!!!! always drawing the boyos perf, look how cute they are, how loving and gentle this kiss is o(-< (just like how da boyos r with each other)(VILE)

Anonymous asked: I love your art! I think I remember you saying that you use SAI for your digital artwork, and I was wondering if you had any tips on how to blend in SAI so that way the colors don't come out looking muddy?

Hi anon!! Thank you! And yes, I only use SAI (and photoshop for animations). I use the standard pen tool and marker tool for blending in SAI, and try to pick colors that have the same chroma or vibrancy! I don’t blend with other tools because I think I would get that ‘muddy’ appearance. I try to shade along the contour of shapes, ie cheekbones, muscles, etc. Hope this helps you!

a bunch of ashley sketches from this week!

Oh boy it’s time for a swimmies give away!!

The winner will recieve a whole set of my Iwatobi swim club phone charms as seen on the picture above with shipping included!


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This give away will end on october 5th!

That’s pretty much it! Good luck guys!

Anonymous asked: How did you guys make your art book..? A public print place or online? Just curious! C:

Hi anon! I meant to answer this sooner, but for our art book we used RA Comics Direct, and the quality of the book exceeded our expectations, especially how vibrant and accurate the colors came out. Definitely using them again for future projects!

Anonymous asked: Hi! I recently saw that u made iPhone cases by using ur own art! It looks really awesome! I was wondering how did u do that? Did u use a website?

Hi anon!! Thank you so much! Me and ninthrevolver got our phone cases done through However, I wouldn’t recommend them! Or at least, not the 5C cases. The 5S (as far as I know) cases don’t have this issues, but the paint is peeling off my 5C case? It bubbled and then started to flake off. At first I thought it was normal wear and tear since it started on the corners, but all parts of it are peeling off now, and I use tape to keep it from completely peeling off LOL. Note also that it started peeling in the first two weeks of having it! That’s not long at all. The service through photoaffections is great, but overall I’m a little upset that its low quality. 


anti-elegance, a counterpiece to:

Anonymous asked: Are you and Ninthrevolver working on anything new? I loved the perks of being a monster :) Also, this might be a weird question, but I feel like both your styles are similar and very complimentary. Do you know any other artists with a similar style? Because I've pretty much been throught all of your Tumblrs lol.

Hello Anon! Its so nice to hear you liked the Perks of Being a Monster, as it was such an amazing experience collaborating on such a fun, creatively rewarding project with my best friend!! Dooks/ninthrevolver is the best to collaborate with, and completely inspiring. And I agree that our styles work well together! We push each other a lot to improve and I think our styles have grown more similar in order to appear cohesive on projects.

And yes, we are working on new things! We can’t wait to share more information soon.

As for other artists, I’m not sure? I follow hundreds of artist on tumblr, each with their own individual style, so it’s hard to pinpoint a couple that are strictly similar. Sorry I’m not much help!

Anonymous asked: Hello, Von! I was wondering how your transition from being a nursing student to an art student was. Was it hard? How long did it take you to change? Is it worth it? I'm currently a nursing student, but I really want to study art. Thank you.

Hello!! My transition from full time nursing student to full time art student was easy for myself, as I took my foundation classes at a local community college, which helped me build close relationships with my professors as well as confidence with assignments! Originally, I was afraid to change majors, but I sat down with my mom and she told me she would never be disappointed. Being supported meant a lot to me, and that made the change easier too. I’ve transferred to a university this year (university of hartford) and they took all of my previous credits, meaning I’ll also be receiving a minor in Biology due to previous academic achievements.

You probably already know this, but nursing classes are very ‘clinical’ (lol), and follow a formula of memorization and application. Art classes function differently and the grading can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience. I’m constantly worried I’m not pushing myself hard enough, that I’m not learning enough, because it’s harder to gauge. There are no ‘exams’ in studio classes, only assignments that you must devote yourself to. What you get out of class is dependent on what you put in. Definitely think over your decision and whether or not the classes are for you. Who knows, maybe do a minor in art, although with clinical classes it may be extremely tough to find the time!

There are times when I get nervous thinking about my future, if I’m even talented enough for illustration, but the alternative pushes me to try harder to succeed. Having extremely supportive and encouraging friends and family helps me overcome part of my fear, but following my passion is completely worth it.