annastears asked: Do u like pizza

I AM ACTUALLY not the biggest pizza person. I try not to eat dairy (I like almond alternatives!!) but my favorite pizza is hands down the spicy Sicilian from California pizza kitchen, it’s a pizza pie miracle.

Crew of Cuties blog!


siobhanchiffon and I made a blog compiling all of our art and stuff for the crew of cuties!! We will be adding our (NEVER BEFORE SEEN) writing of them there too, follow for more content!

me and @ninthrevolver made a side blog exclusively for crew of cuties, where we’ll post writing (from all different AU’s and we’ll tag them as such) as well as reblog artwork of them!

Anonymous asked: Do Ashley and Sam have innie or outie belly buttons? :3


sisaboo asked: omg I love your latest post, especially your style meme. Can I ask where you got the grid print top? I've been looking for one!

Aw thank you so much!! And I was looking for a grid top forever too, but I found it at Forever 21!! I think it was in the $15-20 range. I hope you find one, they’re super cute! v wv

Another compilation of sketches from my twitter!  


some twit drawlings *- *

all the colors, and gorgeous faces, and Sam and Ash being cute wrecks me every time ;~ ; ya draw the boyos the best dooks!! (and everyone else who am i kidding ahahahaha)




  1. Go to  
  2. Click on 14-28 
  3. Comment “I want internet service providers classified as common carriers.”
  4. Done! 

Please reblog for people who have phone-related phobias or anxieties.

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Some watercolor sketches from my instagram! 

THESEEEEE ARE SO INCREDIBLE!! Ugh, such tight control with amazing colors choices, you capture your digital style so well with traditional medium Dooks!! Everything you draw is always so interesting, i adore it so much, your talent is unreal!!

Anonymous asked: Hey siobhan i love ur copic art💖💖 its beautiful!! what was ur first set of copic markers?? Would u recommend getting 1 copic marker at a time? Im sorry for so many questions!!

Aw thank you so much! I haven’t uploaded a lot of my traditional sketches on my tumblr — mostly just my twitter at the moment — but i’m glad you like my copic work!

My first set was a huge bundle for christmas one time, and I’m pretty sure it was the 72 C Sketch set? it has more flesh tones, which i adore. Now I usually buy copics when there’s a deal at art stores nearby, and I usually get 3-4 at a time. i think picking three or four at once helps get an idea for an image, because you can pick colors that work well together.

If you can, bring a piece of paper to the store to test the colors on, because copic markers ARE ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE TO JUDGE BASED ON THE CAP, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. i have bought colors before going by the cap, and that is a huge mistake, especially with the blues, purples, and medium browns. (just give up on copic yellows, theyre terrible no matter what. i buy prisma’s for less harsh yellows)

i hope this helps you, anon!

Anonymous asked: Your art is so lovely ! May I ask how long you've been drawing?

Aw thank you!! And I’ve been drawing since I knew how my hands worked, but I only started drawing digitally three (four?) years ago, with paint tool Sai. (I can’t thank my close friends enough for all the digital advice they’ve given me, they answer all my stupid questions kindly)