omg thanks for all the responses!!! ill definitely draw them within the next two days because hnnghgh fashion

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The Character Wardrobe Meme


Send a number to my ask box along with a character of your choice, and I’ll draw up the ensuing ensemble! (If the character chosen wouldn’t wear the option given… go ahead and sub in something else!)


  1. Underwear
  2. Casual clothes
  3. Work uniform
  4. Night clothes
  5. Swimwear
  6. Formal gala garb
  7. Lounging, lazy-time stuff
  8. A party outfit
  9. Date night threads
  10. Something outdoorsy
  11. Interview outfit
  12. Tourist/travel wear
  13. A costume!
  14. Their sick day scrubs
  15. Summer clothes
  16. Winter clothes
  17. Um, spring clothes?
  18. Why not - fall clothes!
  19. Workout wear
  20. Last minute throw-ons
  21. The most expensive thing they own
  22. A fig leaf

Feel free to add, subtract, or alter as you please to fit your character bunch!

HOT DAMN THIS IS MY JAM pick anyone from the crew of cuties omg

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animation practice featuring CEO Ashley Park with a bad habit. 

animation practice featuring CEO Ashley Park with a bad habit. 

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ninthrevolver inquired:

YOUR art style is pretty much perfect to me cri e s... You really have a really strong sense of color and fashion and anatomy!! I THINK YOUR STYLE IS DISTINCTLY YOU AND IDK HOW ELSE TO DESCRIBE IT CRIE!! UR TOO AMAZE DUDER!!

UWAHHHHHH HOLDs BEST TOMO SO CLOSE i feel like i am finally finding my artistic voice lately so this means a lot to me, i struggled for a long time thinking i never had a definitive style, but it really just happens the more you develop and practice i think o)-< weh but YEAH THANK YOU DUDER!!!!

♥ 4 — 4 days ago on 14 Apr 2014
catladyart inquired:

I would say your art always has the best palettes! You choose such soft dreamy colors! :)

Oh gosh, thank you!! I’ve been trying really hard to up my color game, so this means a lot to me, weh ;w ;

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your art style is AmZIng!!! no but real talk, you draw the most gorgeous faces and your art is always so detailed. plus your fashion sense is to die for. and wow pls teach me how to color. u r amazing ok rly amazing

Holds you close and whispers i adore you

NO BUT THANK YOU!!! Weh, hearing these things from you means a lot, as I admire you and your art always Spacey!! ;v ;

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Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

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Another dump of sketches/wips/older pieces ive forgotten to upload because i’ve been busy all semester! each picture has a caption if you want to read. v wv

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Some drawings I uploaded to my twitter in the past couple of weeks! I’m back at school again and spring break is over, but I’m so ready for summer like GDI!!!! 5 MORE WEEKS!!! i added rly cool captions if u want 2 read HAHAHA

Lays myself before dooks art

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Me and siobhanchiffon made mixtapes for Vampire AU Sam and Ashley!!! (She typed up the super cool tracklist for me!!!)


This flipping mixtape kills me softly, and so does the art. Sam(pire)’s sad expression and the cool color scheme, ugh UGH what a perfect pair. LAYS DOWN and whispers listen to dis ty

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