milkythan inquired:

I just want to say that I first found you on instagram of ashley and sam and i love them so much! then I just found you because you pop up on my dash as recommend blog ahhhhhhhhhh! this is great! you're amazing!! ♥♥ yay

Omgosh I’m so happy to hear you like the Instagrams, thank youuu!! Me and Sam enjoy making them so much. ;v ; look forward to more news on them soon too!! v wv

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Some drawings from my twitter uvu! It’s public now so feel free to follow!

I’m ten hundred thousand billion percent the grossest person when it comes to crew of cuties and the OTP and Dooks art just fuels this horrible (amazing) hell vortex I’m trapped in. Dooks ya draw the best faces and the colors you pick, and how you render, and god everyone reading this is like ‘we get it’ but u really don’t I’m sosoSRRY. RICH DADS AU DOEEEEE lil juniper crying over ballet ;;-;; blind sam in mer au ;;-;; DA BAE ABRAHAM!!!! Ugh each of these is so amazing, even your flipping traditional stuff GOSH

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Ballet Princess JUNIPER!!!!! 

AauuGGHHHH THIS IS THE CUTEST LITTLE BALLERINA JUNIPER!! the way you rendered her hair and the sparkles and her pouty lips, the tutuuuuu how do you do the thing you do, like, how ✨w✨ so amazing, the animation so adorable too wow stop that (don’t stop)(thank)


Ballet Princess JUNIPER!!!!! 

AauuGGHHHH THIS IS THE CUTEST LITTLE BALLERINA JUNIPER!! the way you rendered her hair and the sparkles and her pouty lips, the tutuuuuu how do you do the thing you do, like, how ✨w✨ so amazing, the animation so adorable too wow stop that (don’t stop)(thank)

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(sorry this is like the 3rd time i’m changing the prices so soon but i’m finally satisfied LOL)

i need some cash for school starting up in september, and i would really like to supply that for myself. i have more elaborate information for my commissions here

style 1: example 1 / 2
style 2: example 1 / 2

if you are interested, please send me an e-mail at or a fanmail so the exchange of links can run smoothly

thank you!! have a nice day ~_^

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twitter sketch round-up! i made my account public if anyone wants to follow me!

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Anonymous inquired:

I love your art and was wondering, do you draw from your imagination? Or do you use references? When creating an OC do you find someone whose features you like and put them in your style? I'm pretty self conscious about not being able to draw that well from nothing, especially poses..

Awww anon don’t be self conscious!! I would say my process is 60/40 references/imagination! I use references for faces, fabrics, and poses a lot, but the original concept/sketch is usually from imagination. I don’t typically take an entire picture and recreate it. and I don’t use stock photos a lot — i usually just take a photo of something myself and use it? like i took a picture of myself in the car today, with my arm out the window, because of a piece i’m working on! it helps me understand the foreshortening a lot, and whats possible in a pose. if i can’t pose comfortably in what i was going to draw, how could the character??

as for OCs, i usually create them without a reference first, then find a face model for them after. Abe didn’t have a face model for a long time, but then i found neymar and hhnnghh. I use a lot of different models to get Sam’s face right, and I usually use Sen Mitsuji/Keisuke Asano/Kim Soo-Hyun for Ashley, and Barbara Palvin for Dahlia and Olivia!

to be completely honest Anon, I’ve been struggling with the fact that I need references too! i know plenty of artists who don’t and they create amazing pieces and gosh can it be intimidating! and I struggle with composition and creating interesting pieces, but I can’t get better at it if i don’t push myself to! i don’t know many imagination exercises, but i find sometimes writing down what i want to convey in a piece helps me figure out how to compose it, and how to make it interesting. 

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triggavince inquired:

I bought your print of Shinji at Anime Expo and I love it!! So much so that I want to buy the rest of the Evangelion prints. Please please please tell me that I can buy them online?

Awwww well actually Sam or @ninthrevolver drew the Shinji print as well as the Rei from the Eva set, but unfortunately neither of us have the time to set up an online store! ;~; I’m so sorry! We should have them again at next years anime expo tho!!

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Hi! :) I just bought the pdf version of you and Ninthrevolver's comic and I loved it sooo much! I was wondering if it's explained somewhere what the prank was and who bit him (what exactly happened that he become a vampire)? Also will we see more comics from you guys in the future? Your styles really compliment each other well btw. Have an awesome day ^^

aaaaahhh!! thank you so, so much for your purchase, and i’m thrilled to know you loved it!! o(-<

the prank! Ashley went on a school camping trip with his track team and Sam, and they talk about a scary cave where a girl (Dahlia) was murdered. After egging him on, Ashley agrees to explore the cave even though Sam asks him not to, and then his rotten track teammates decide to scare him and film it for laughs. His teammates don’t like him because he’s rich and kind of an entitled asshole. During their prank, they unexpectedly scare Ashley over the side of a small cliff, where he cracks his head open on a rock during his fall. Sam didn’t know about the prank, and when the teammates come back to camp without Ashley, he goes to find him. In this time, Ashley gets bit by a vampire in the woods—Dahlia.

and yes, expect more comics from the both of us! we have a couple projects that we’re working on right now, and we can’t wait to share them!! and thank you so much, we tried really hard to make the art book look cohesive even with two different artists, so its such a relief to hear how well our styles compliment each other! ; v; 

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I LIKE YOU AND YOUR ART. keep on, please. alsooo who is the gentleman in this post/82421096412/another-dump-of-sketches-wips-older-pieces-ive the top picture, left side? and where is more of him? matter of fact who is abe? ashley? sorry for all of the questions, youre new to me


To answer your question, the person on the left side with dark hair is Ashley! 


If you want to see more of him, i have him tagged under ashley park on my blog! he also has an instagram which is ashleydiesel !

And this is Abe!

and he also has an instagram too! ninthrevolver drew most of the instagrams tho because she can actually draw Abe hot while i cannot LMAO

and don’t feel bad about questions!! i love getting asks about anything!! v wv it makes me so happy to know you’re interested in knowing who’s who! 

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The Perks of Being a Monster [ BUY HERE ON GUMROAD ]

Siobhan and Sam’s vampire anthology. The digital PDF is $10, full color, and includes two comics and selected illustrations from both ninthrevolver and siobhanchiffon.

You can buy our book now on gumroad for $10! thank you! 

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